Sustainable Materials

  • FSC Certified Wood - YardPods

FSC Certified Wood & YardPods

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It’s no secret that the growth of big industry and globalization has wreaked havoc on the environment. In the last century alone, half of the world’s forests have been altered, degraded or destroyed. In this world of big business, it is up to us as responsible consumers to make purchasing decisions that support our beliefs […]

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YardPods Featured in San Francisco Chronicle

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  • YardPod Classic

Introducing YardPod® CLASSIC

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Introducing YardPod CLASSIC

YardPod Classic is the latest generation of YardPod:

Lower Prices
Much Faster to assemble.  Contractors can install on a prepared foundation in one day.  Homeowners with building experience may take 2-3 days with friends.
Ships as a flat-pack anywhere in the USA
Walls, Floor and Roof Panels lock together
4ft wide modular walls can be mixed and matched

Solid […]

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How Green is a YardPod®?

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Answer: As Green as we can make it!

Designing for sustainability is not a binary activity, everything involves trade-offs.  In an ideal world, we would only use materials that were affordable, renewable and produced locally that was easy to assemble, had structural strength and thermal stability, used no paint or glue, that needed no maintenance, did […]

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Living with my YardPod®

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I have now enjoyed my YardPod for over a year.  It has met all of my performance criteria and greatly exceeded my expectations in terms of enjoyment.

I built my YardPod with two objectives; first to provide a showcase for our business in designing and selling YardPods.  It is all very well having pictures and showing […]

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Sustainable Materials

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Commitment to Sustainable Materials and Processes
We design and manufacture YardPods to achieve the highest standards of sustainability. We continuously evaluate material and assembly performance reviews as well as new sustainable materials in a process of continuous improvement.

YardPod materials are selected to achieve high sustainability ratings as well as outstanding performance.  Some examples:

YardPod ST Framing
We do […]

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Steel Structures

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Steel Builds Great Structures
There are many reasons why steel framing has come to the forefront as one of the best and most feasible alternative building materials for residential and commercial construction. Steel is a superior construction material.

Highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material
100% recyclable
Minimum of 25% recycled content
Non-combustible – does not burn nor contribute fuel […]